Saturday, November 18, 2006


I like living in Charlottesville. I fully realize how privileged I am to live here, on the fringe of downtown, walking distance from work, in this micro-community in which I've come to think of anything more than a 15 minute's drive to be "far away." I could be living in Cranberry, Pennsylvania, or Merrilleville, Indiana or (God forbid) Amherst, NY, but I am here and I recognize that this is a piece of good fortune beyond what I deserve.

However. The Hook's latest cover story about C'ville as the Little Apple, a veritable mini Manhattan, has me cringing just a bit. The very fact that an article was published saying, "Look at us! We have a martini bar! Bikram Yoga! We vote Democratic!" rubs the veneer of urban sophistication right off our smug little faces.

I haven't lived in very many cities. I spent most of my life in Buffalo, NY, lived in Boston as a young child, spent a year and a half in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Still, from this, and my time here in C'ville, I've come to recognize what I'm calling the Five Pillars of Urban Life. No doubt, there could be much debate over what these five pillars should be, but since this is my site, and I thought of it, I'm naming the five pillars:
1.Local Newspaper
2.Public Transportation
3.Public Library
4.Local TV News
5.Quality of the pizza

How does C'ville measure up against the Five Pillars? I'll have to return to that subject another day, since I'm at work right now.

OK--why is C'ville blogs not updating? It's driving me crazy, and the backlog of updated blogs must be tremendous. It hasn't updated since Friday.


  1. This is hilarious, much enjoyed this post.

    The main thing I can't stand about Cville is how in love with itself it is!! It's like short-guy syndrome, where a short man is so aware of his shortness he acts like a cad to overcompensate. Gross.

    Cville is not an urban center. It is not that hip. I would add some other factors to your list, like: how late does the parking garage stay open? (12 pm says to me = dead town) How about why is nothing on the downtown mall open on Sundays? Oh I could go on.

    I love living here, too, but this narcissiscmm must stop!!

  2. OK--why is C'ville blogs not updating?

    Because nobody e-mailed me to point out that it wasn't updating. :) I noticed this morning. It only took a minute to fix it.